WCL-X100 II Wide Conversion Lens (Silver)

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Wide conversion lens WCL-X100II Sliver

**รับประกันศูนย์ไทย 6 เดือน / Thai Warranty 6 Months**

Conversion lens

The “WCL-X100 II” is a dedicated wide conversion lens that multiples the fixed focal length by approx. 0.8x, converting it to 28mm (35mm format equivalent). Not only does this lens emphasize perspective, it’s also perfect for when you want to capture a broader view such as when shooting in tight spots or landscapes. When the WCL-X100 II is mounted on the FUJIFILM X100F, the camera automatically recognizes the conversion lens and corrects aberrations.


X100V / X100F / X100T / X100S / X100

Color : Silver

More information:https://fujifilm-x.com/th-th/products/accessories/wcl-x100ii/

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